News 10:04 April 2020:

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Many are the times that we find ourselves that we have begun to socialize on social media and in the process, we get to make new friends. Well, the process could be a trill for some people because making new friends is always a very exciting thing. However, making new friends and especially on social media platforms such as twitter could be dependent on a couple of factors the main one being the popularity of somebody on twitter. Each and every one wants to get associated with people that are famous and thus they will go for famous people on twitter and try establishing a good friendship with them.

So how exactly can one determine the popularity of a person on twitter. This is usually quite easy because one only needs to check the number of followers he or she has currently and the twitter likes that the person also gets on his tweets and also the retweets. If the numbers are quite high, then it goes without saying that the person is quite popular and it only beats logic that that person will be intrigued and have the urge of making friends with that respective person. That is how it is supposed to be.